Is Windows losing out and Linux gaining?

February 6, 2007

The penguin
’s come of age. What began as a battle between proprietary and open source Linux software, started by geeks around the world, isn’t plain tech rhetoric anymore. It’s now a mainstream commercial platform — a technology that enterprises are taking very seriously and looking at as a major cost-effective solution that has scalability and a g

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One Response to “Is Windows losing out and Linux gaining?”

  1. ArchDyeu Says:

    Thats right, and i use Linux at work…!!! Wahaha….

    Only thing is, why cant my comapny is fond of using “CenTOS…???”

    Oh, and i just saw, two new shiny packs of Fedora Red Hat on my system table…. He he he….
    Forgot to see what version, but definately the new one, cause its from PERTH..!!!

    Got a whole bunch of cd’s in it, fully packed.

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